Rhythm (noun): The regular recurring pattern of movement and/or sound. Rhythm can be felt, seen or heard.

Beat (noun): A steady succession of units of rhythm. The beat is repeated and is referred to as the underlying beat.

Accent (noun): Emphasis or prominence given to a note or chord, as by an increase in volume or extended duration.

Measure (noun): One group of beats made by the regular occurrence of the heavy accent. It represents the underlying beat enclosed between two adjacent bars on a musical staff.

Meter (noun): the number of beats to a measure. Meter can be recognized by listening for the accent of the first beat.

Phrase (noun): A musical sentence that can be felt by listening for a complete thought, a group of measures, generally 4 or 8 measures – 16 to 32 counts.

Tempo (noun): Rate of speed at which music is played. Tempo influences the mood or the quality of music and movement.

Note Values:

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