Social Dance Music



Brigham Young Univeristy has offered a wide variety of social dance classes for decades and with a specific focus on social dancing. Every semester students learning to teach social dance compile a list of social dance song suggestions.



Brigham Young Univeristy offers progressive international-style dance classes in both standard (ballroom) and latin. The class levels are bronze, silver, gold I, gold II and gold bar with medals exams offered at the appropriate level at the end of the semester. Provided is a list of the instructors' Latin Rumba suggestions.



Westify Saturday night. West Coast Swing every week at Utah's classiest place to dance with the best mix of Blues, R&B, Pop Contemporary and Acoustic music.

Westify Saturday Night can be found on Facebook; they maintain an open group and a business page.



Ian is a country dancer that has a deep love for dancing cowboy cha cha. He suggested a handful of his favorites.